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Neya Restaurant

There are few cuisines with a greater history and culture than those in  the Mediterranean, North Africa and Middle East. Inspired by this cultural significance, we founded Neya Restaurant to be an upscale, yet relaxed dining experience for Surfside locals and visitors' alike to enjoy craveable Israeli dishes. Our very experienced culinary team is thrilled to share the flavors they have crafted for you. Our mixology experts have put together a unique drinks menu full of delicious, exciting cocktails.

Executive Chef

Ben Siman Tov

Found his culinary passion at a young age growing up in Israel. He started his career as a line cook at the Herbert Samuel in Tel Aviv  and learned the ways of traditional Israeli diverse and ever-evolving cuisine style. It was not long before his talent was noticed and he was asked to make the move to Cyprus to serve as an executive chef at the Gillham Vineyard Hotel. When presented with the opportunity to open Neya as Executive Chef, he saw it as a chance to show Miami a culinary experience like no other. Neya’s menu is heavily influenced by Siman Tov’s love for true Israeli cuisine, which he enhances with a variety of Mediterranean flavors and modern influences to create a memorable dining experience.

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